Among other things that weave my story, there is one decisive episode worth telling.


Once a Lithuanian conductor Jonas Aleksa led a masterclass at Kaunas Academy of Music. Just being given a lesson and guidance by this truly great conductor took me, then a bachelor student of choral conducting, to the ninth heaven … Utterly unexpectedly, Maestro Aleksa stopped to talk to me personally.


“You could study orchestral conducting in my class,” he said as he was thoughtfully smoking and intently looking at me. The feeling of happiness hit my head. “How does he know about my most precious dream? Does it mean it is THE beginning?! Will I really conduct an orchestra?” a storm of thoughts erupted in my head while my heart was pounding like crazy.


After a short while Aleksa returned. His face looked worried. “No, I changed my mind. I can’t accept you. You would be the only girl in my class. Colleagues will not understand me.”


Thus, out of the abruptly forced disappointment, began my, apparently, unconventional fulfilment …


Now I dare to say: I come from nowhere. It is sincere and true; for this assertion is full of authentic and rather rich experience. It somehow characterizes me as a conductor. And my journey.


More in short and formal way:  


ADRIJA ČEPAITĖs musicianship is deeply rooted in the choral and singing tradition of her native Lithuania. Following early studies and work experience as choir conducter and organist in Kaunas, Čepaitė went to Austria where she studied orchestra conducting as well as sacred music and Gregorian Chant in Graz.


During the following years she was actively involved in various music projects, concerts, tours and studio recordings as both a conductor and a singer.


Čepaite is co-founder of the women vocal ensemble “Graces & Voices” which specialises in Gregorian Chant as well as contemporary polyphonic music and has recorded numerous CDs. Recent recordings by the ensemble have been chosen as “Recording of the Year” by Pizzicato magazine, have been nominated by the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA-Awards) and received top 4 star ratings with the BBC Music Magazine.


Equally bussy as a conductor, Čepaitė has during the last few years regularly conducted the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, the Kaunas Symphony Orchestra and the famous Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra. With this orchestra she has also recently recorded two CDs featuring music of classical Baltic composers. The CDs have received outstanding reviews. The lattest was included into the Grammy 2020 nomination list.


Recently the concerts engagements led Čepaitė to the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestre National de Lille, Chamber Orchestra Mannheim, Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra and Nordwestdeutsche Phlihamonic Orchestra Herford. In 2020 together with Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonic she has recorded a CD dedicated to the Beethoven‘s 250 Aniversary.


In addition to various invitations as guest-conductor in Germany, Switzerland and Lithuania she is developing her significant inclination for composing. Her composition (“Introitus“ for string orchestra and voice) was performed this year by the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra.

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